Teeth Treatment at Palmyra Dental Clinic

Consultation, Scale and Polish with Optional Clean, Stain Removal, X-Ray and Teeth Whitening at Palmyra Dental Clinic*


What You’ll Get

Choose from Three Options

  • AED 79 for a consultation, scale, clean and polish
  • AED 139 for a consultation, scale, polish and stain removal treatment
  • AED 479 for a consultation, scale, polish, X-ray and teeth whitening treatment

What does this treatment involve?

A solution is applied to teeth, before a plastic mouthpiece is inserted. An intense light will then be directed at teeth, designed to reduce yellow staining and return teeth to their earlier, natural colour.

Does the treatment lighten crowns?

No, only natural teeth will be affected. Crowns, fillings and other dental work will remain the same colour, although some surface stains may be removed.

What does the aftercare involve?

Clients should not eat or drink dark, staining substances for 24 hours after the session. These include coffee, tea, red grape beverage and coke; smoking should also be avoided.


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