One or Two Flash SD and Micro SD Card Readers with Optional Micro SD Card from AED 49 (Up to 69% Off)

Choose between the following options for flash SD and Micro SD card reader:

  • AED 49 for one reader (66% off)
  • AED 59 for one reader with 8GB card (64% off)
  • AED 69 for one reader with 16GB card (63% off)
  • AED 89 for two readers (69% off)
  • AED 99 for one reader with 32GB card (51% off)
  • AED 109 for two readers with 8GB card (67% off)
  • AED 119 for two readers with 16GB card (68% off)
  • AED 169 for two readers with 32GB card (58% off)

The Specifics

  • External storage expansion for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Allows to copy, swap, download, save and backup files on Apple devices directly to the computer or on memory cards
  • A TF/SD card slot
  • Document reader for all common data formats
  • Voice recording
  • Text editor with multiple language support
  • Free i-FlashDrive HD App in the Appstore or Play store
  • Available with 8GB, 16GB, and 32 GB Micro SD cards